Rhythm Quest is an upcoming 2-button rhythm platformer game currently being developed by DDRKirby(ISQ).

Check out a free playable demo here!

  • Estimated release date: "2024"
  • Will release on Steam, mobile, itch.io, and Switch
  • All facets of the game are handled by DDRKirby(ISQ)

Jump, attack, and fly to the beat to get past challenging obstacles in this rhythm-based twist on a traditional "runner" game.

Each type of enemy requires different button sequences to defeat:

Wings offer extra mid-air jumps, while flight paths require you to hold down the jump button:

Speed zones change up the rhythm of the song:

  • Over 30 levels across 6 different worlds, each with their own musical themes and gameplay mechanics
  • "9-bit" chiptune soundtrack hand-crafted to match gameplay rhythms
  • Adjustable latency calibration and audio scheduling for tight and responsive gameplay
  • Use coins to unlock bonus stages, alternate character skins, and more extras

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