Playable Demo

This free demo version of Rhythm Quest contains 8 levels from the first half of the game for you to try out. If you like it, please consider wishlisting Rhythm Quest on Steam!

Changelog >>

Version 0.24.7
- Fix screenreader toggle during initial screenreader prompt

Version 0.24.6
- Added more checkpoints to level 1-2, 2-1, 2-2
- Fixed 32-bit windows build crash on startup
- Added initial screenreader prompt on startup when screenreader detected
- Highlight currently-focused button in screenreader mode
- Default audio cue balance to 50%, added toggle for audio cues
- Added screenreader readaloud prompts for level 1-1 tutorial
- Added screenreader mode toggle under accessibility settings
- Added "read only" screenreader mode
- Improved screenreader readouts for level select menu
- Added some missing screenreader elements
- Fixed world select menu screenreader readouts
- Fixed broken screenreader selection for menu overlays
- Fixed level select next button not properly displaying next world

Version 0.24.5
- Fixed audio cues using wrong volume in-game
- Check for NVDA/screenreader for TTS on every startup, not just first one
- Add more screenreader navigation handling
- Mouse movement no longer switches detected control scheme (needs click)
- Mouse hover no longer highlights buttons unless in mouse mode
- Fixed buggy gamepad input when Steam controller navigation is active
- Fixed fadeout on quit not respecting volume balance
- Fixed end of level floor being visible when zoomed out
- Fixed calibration redo not reselecting main button
- Highlight shop button when coin count is enough to purchase a character

Version 0.24.4
- Fixed trying to use missing localization for non-English languages

Version 0.24.3
- First public demo release!

Downloadable Version

(The downloadable build is recommended for best gameplay experience)

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