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This free demo version of Rhythm Quest contains 9 levels from the first half of the game for you to try out. If you like it, please consider wishlisting Rhythm Quest on Steam!

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Version 0.31.0
- Added color skinning visual mod settings to aid readability
- Added visual mod to adjust horizontal placement of enemies
- Added timing mod to scale timing windows by music speed setting
- Added visual mod to re-show collected coins after respawn
- Tweaked respawn timings, especially across different music speeds
- Fixed not being able to buffer jumps out of pause
- Fixed ghost enemies not respawning quickly enough when offscreen
- Fixed some level select logic when levels are played out of order
- Fixed flight paths jumps pulsing with incorrect beat offset
- Minor backdrop scrolling tweaks
- Fixed mis-sized character shop graphics
- Fixed checkpoint activation sounds sometimes replaying on respawn
- Fixed missing coin animation frame

Version 0.30.2
- Fixed scheduled sounds not playing correctly after respawns

Version 0.30.1
- Fixed wrong version of some east asian glyphs being used
- Fixed broken "Audio Mods" menu in main menu scene

Version 0.30.0
- Updated Unity version
- Fixed issue on later Mac Sonoma versions where the game was unresponsive
- Added pitched coin/metronome sfx to match the key of each level
- Added ability to fast-forward endlevel sequence by holding menu button (escape)
- Fixed "bumpy" camera movement across ramps/beatgrids
- Fixed missing default keybinds for 'B' and '/'
- Re-fixed certain accessibility audio cues sometimes not triggering
- Fixed blurry horizontal line when using smooth font in shop display
- Tweak line height for unicode pixel font
- Tweak font pixel snapping logic
- Camera pixel rendering fix for odd-pixel resolutions
- Fixed offbeat pulse timing on respawn
- Replaced and refactored Steam integration
- Running the Steam build outside of Steam will no longer restart the game via Steam
- Allow changing resolution in exclusive fullscreen mode
- Added several more windowed resolution options for large displays
- Fixed incorrect description for "Blur" screen filter
- Fixed demo end screen showing up incorrectly after data reset
- Fixed menu pulse animation speeds sometimes being incorrect

Version 0.29.4
- Multiple key/gamepad bindings for the same action now function independently to allow for easier multipresses
- Added "blur" background filter
- Fixed keyboard button focus being lost after closing menu overlays
- Fixed jump logic when overlapping multiple obstacles
- Fixed jump miss sound playing on hit when sound scheduling disabled
- Fixed certain accessibility audio cues sometimes not triggering
- Fixed doublehit enemy inputs sometimes not respawning on input timeline
- Added support for localizing "Congratulations" text on demo end
- Slightly tweaked initial camera pan on load

Version 0.29.3
- Tweak/fix grass in world 1 level select

Version 0.29.2
- Fixed a softlock bug that allowed getting stuck in walls
- Slightly lowered audio encoding quality to reduce build size
- Fixed incorrectly-centered vertical backdrop scaling behavior
- (This fixes an issue where the foreground in 3-1 could cover more than expected)
- Fixed a bug where keyboard menu selection was not restored for certain menus
- Fixed a bug where the player could run off the level if the game is paused after a level end
- Fixed perfect medal animation offsets in world select for demo version
- Added "Run in Background" setting
- Added "Input Timeline" visual mod
- Added "Metronome" audio mod
- Fixed tutorial being skipped if 1-1 is restarted during it
- Fixed scheduled sounds being very slightly offset in some cases
- Fixed end level medal particles having different speeds depending on resolution
- Allow pressing any key in calibration screen (not just space)
- Fix subpixel render misalignment of player in game
- Fix subpixel render misalignment of ground in menu
- Disabled screen refresh rate label (currently not working)
- Localization updates

Version 0.29.1
- Fixed localizations not falling back to English translation
- Modify respawn/fadein timing for enemies according to music speed/respawn timing
- Fixed steam build not running properly when started outside of steam
- Localization updates

Version 0.29.0
- Fixed auto-calibration output values (was previously ~75% too low)
- Reverted level medals to be based on coin count again
- Changed coin thresholds for medals (25%, 50%, 75%)
- Changed coin loss amount/mechanic to be much less punishing:
  50% of non-banked coins are now "banked" on each checkpoint and can no longer be lost
  50% of non-banked coins are lost with each respawn
- Added new level end coin/medal display
- Updated ghost teleport to change speed based on music speed mod
- Updated input handling interactions to be more timing-accurate
- Fixed an input bug triggered by having multiple inputs on the same frame
- Fixed a bug causing the color invert fx on doublehit enemies to persist
- Fixed a timeslicing issue that sometimes caused interactables to be skipped at high speeds
- Try (again) to fix rendering issues at odd resolutions
- Added Respawn Timing setting
- Fixed ghost enemy trail effect to render consistently regardless of framerate/speed
- Fixed screen refresh rate label not actually updating
- Localization and UI updates
- Fixed respawn count not resetting properly when checkpoints are disabled
- Fixed the ability to finish a level and respawn simultaneously

Version 0.28.1
- Various tutorial fixes
- Fixed animation timings not updating after music speed change
- Fixed camera subpixel alignment during respawns

Version 0.28.0
- Fixed ramped floors being allowed with spike enemies
- Renamed "Cheats" menu into "Game Mods"
- Added assists/game mod settings to in-game menu
- Made shop accessible from Extras menu
- Added music speed game mod setting
- Added timing window game mod setting
- Added ghost helper game mod setting
- Added frame queueing graphics setting
- Added configurable bindings for gamepad controls
- Keyboard bindings now default to entire left/right half of main keyboard area
- Fixed rendering artifacts at odd resolutions
- Added UI volume setting, separate from sfx volume, reduced UI sfx volume slightly
- Change pixel font setting default based on language at runtime
- Added low quality graphics toggle to help framerate for older devices
- Added "Released Early" and "Released Late" text for hold presses
- Added "screenreader" command line argument force start with screenreader prompt
- Fixed too-fast scrolling before level 1-1 tutorial
- Fixed fullscreen not working for devices that present resolutions in an unexpected order
- Fixed vsync off behavior, especially for desktop platforms
- Changed flashing effects to be time-based rather than frame-based, to support higher refresh rates
- Settings are now saved when drilling into a submenu (not only when navigating back)
- Progress is now saved (again) while auto play is enabled
- Thickened some outlines on smooth text
- Minor tweaks to jump logic (hopefully not breaking anything)

Version 0.27.0
- Added tracking of respawn counts to save data and level display
- Localization and UI updates

Version 0.26.6
- Fixed broken/hidden demo end / info overlay

Version 0.26.5
- Reworked texture encoding for memory and performance benefits
- Various other performance optimizations
- Fixed an issue causing minor vertical blurring on WebGL builds
- Add better transition for Furball attack -> jump
- Fixed attack animation being cancelled on fly start
- Fixed menu bug where foreground level backdrops sometimes failed to fade in
- Minor UI fixes

Version 0.26.4
- Fix misc asset issue that increased build size

Version 0.26.3
- Fixed audio cue volume balance not affecting music/sfx volume
- Slightly increased saturation for wing sprites
- Fixed enemies sometimes fading in suddenly on respawn
- Fixed minor texture rendering issue during respawns
- Fixed level 1-1 tutorial not respecting screen filter
- Changed menu player control behavior
- Minor menu tweaks

Version 0.26.2
- Fixed broken jumping in level 1-1 tutorial sequence

Version 0.26.1
- Updated Sayuri sprites to properly feature her ears
- Added "Perfect Clear Mode" / disable checkpoint setting in cheats
- Auto play mode no longer saves progress
- Buffer pause inputs during respawn
- Added Vietnamese translation
- Fixed bug that prevented click input on initial calibration screen
- Select TTS voice based on language for OSX
- Allow/implement pausing during level 1-1 tutorial sequence
- Fixed position warping bug when game loses focus or fails to update

Version 0.26.0
- Made level 3-4 avilable in the demo!
- Added missing pixel font diacritics for Polish
- Fixed Chinese, Ukranian localizations not forcing smooth font for low resolutions
- Save data validation tweaks
- Text wrap/padding tweaks
- Fixed doubled web browser link opens
- Fixed calibration squares sometimes not flashing
- Tweak graphics settings submenu layout
- Prevent mixing of different pixel fonts for unicode/non-unicode glyphs
- Keyboard bind displays now account for keyboard layout

Version 0.25.1
- Fixed mouse input not working in calibration screen
- Text padding and localization tweaks/fixes

Version 0.25.0
- Added several new languages and localization improvements
- Accessibility fixes, especially for demo end screen
- Expanded credits screen
- Attempt to prevent performance hitch when enabling particles
- Added diacritics to large pixel font
- Fixed respawn count text spacing
- Performance improvements

Version 0.24.9
- Added 7 new translations!
- Now tries to select startup locale automatically (hopefully works ok)
- Lowered global audio volume by 25%
- Added onscreen auto play indicator
- Added fullscreen toggle for WebGL builds
- Default to smooth font on initial startup for unicode locales
- Tweak scaling for unicode pixel font, force smooth font for smaller resolutions
- Fixed tutorial not showing flipped mouse controls
- Make audio calibration a little more lenient
- Don't switch to mouse input mode until after notice scene
- Add option to hide mouse cursor, defaults to hiding during gameplay
- Fixed level select UI for last level (arrow pointing wrong way)
- Better demo save validation
- Tweaked spacing for shop coin counts
- Press Enter to Continue text now switches font types

Version 0.24.8
- Added unpause cue animation, allow input buffering while unpausing
- Fixed several missing sounds when prescheduling was disabled
- Fixed screenreader navigation ordering in some menus
- Better handling of jump release during pause/unpause
- Switch OSX scripting framework, should fix screenreader on Mac builds

Version 0.24.7
- Fix screenreader toggle during initial screenreader prompt

Version 0.24.6
- Added more checkpoints to level 1-2, 2-1, 2-2
- Fixed 32-bit windows build crash on startup
- Added initial screenreader prompt on startup when screenreader detected
- Highlight currently-focused button in screenreader mode
- Default audio cue balance to 50%, added toggle for audio cues
- Added screenreader readaloud prompts for level 1-1 tutorial
- Added screenreader mode toggle under accessibility settings
- Added "read only" screenreader mode
- Improved screenreader readouts for level select menu
- Added some missing screenreader elements
- Fixed world select menu screenreader readouts
- Fixed broken screenreader selection for menu overlays
- Fixed level select next button not properly displaying next world

Version 0.24.5
- Fixed audio cues using wrong volume in-game
- Check for NVDA/screenreader for TTS on every startup, not just first one
- Add more screenreader navigation handling
- Mouse movement no longer switches detected control scheme (needs click)
- Mouse hover no longer highlights buttons unless in mouse mode
- Fixed buggy gamepad input when Steam controller navigation is active
- Fixed fadeout on quit not respecting volume balance
- Fixed end of level floor being visible when zoomed out
- Fixed calibration redo not reselecting main button
- Highlight shop button when coin count is enough to purchase a character

Version 0.24.4
- Fixed trying to use missing localization for non-English languages

Version 0.24.3
- First public demo release!

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