Devlog 18 - Character Unlocks

Published: November 19th, 2021

Took a week off last week, but I'm back in action for this week. The holiday/end-of-year season is coming up, which means I might be working a bit less than usual, but we'll see if I can keep up some steady progress regardless.

Last time I covered the new system for collecting coins across levels. I tried having this coexist with the medal system for a bit, but in the end decided to drop the medals altogether for simplicity so that there's only a single metric for level scoring; the UI was looking too inelegant and messy otherwise.

New Characters

Now that I have that system in place, I can start actually adding unlockable content to purchase with those coins, such as new characters!

Just a rough draft of the animations (no shading yet), but you get the idea! There aren't any gameplay differences between different characters; it's purely cosmetic at the moment.

Shop Button

Of course, I also needed to implement an entirely new UI flow to allow you to purchase the new characters in the first place. As with many things in game development, this is something that seems extremely straightforward conceptually but actually involves a lot of different moving parts.

First we have to add a new button somewhere to allow you to access the shop/unlocks menu:

Seems straightforward enough, but in doing this I had to remove the "Quit" button at the bottom of the main menu -- it was beginning to feel a bit too cluttered otherwise. I ended up changing it to an "X" button at the top-right of the main menu. It's not the prettiest, but I like it better than having 5 buttons in the main menu. Of course, this button doesn't show up on any of the mobile builds.

Simple enough, right? Well, no, not really. The X looks really weird if it scrolls to the left with the rest of the other buttons:

So instead I made it fade in and out instead when you transition in and out of the main menu. Simple enough, right? Well, no, not really. It looks nicer if you line up the fade to sync up with the beginning/end of the transition (depending on whether you're navigating to or away from the main menu). And of course...the transition length is variable depending on the position of the music. So I had to add a little bit of extra logic there to expose the transition duration and sync everything up. These are the types of little things that nobody on the outside ever thinks about when a new feature needs to get implemented...

Coin Display

Currently coins act as "high scores", so they aren't farmable currency (you can only get up to a certain maximum number of coins each level). I wanted to make sure that there was some sort of UI in the shop explaining how many coins you've collected in total across all levels (your total high score), but also showing how many coins you have left to spend. The system definitely isn't 100% intuitive, so I wanted to make sure to give a visual aid for understanding. Right now this is a static box that remains visible at the bottom throughout all of the shop flows (I got to reuse the same fading logic that I had for the X button).

These numbers aren't too hard to show -- the total collected one is just the sum of all your level scores, and then I dynamically calculate the second one based on the sum of the prices of all of the unlocks that you've purchased (I had to set up new data structures for all of that...).

Of course, it's never quite that simple. I wanted to have the numbers animate, ticker-style, whenever you made a purchase, so I needed to track the currently-displayed number separately from the actual value and then have it track accordingly. (Little details...) I also wanted some sort of confirmation screen since there are no "take-backs" on purchases.

Final Flow

And with all that, we finally have a flow for unlocking a new character!

Actually swapping in the new character wasn't too bad! I have a static mapping between string keys (corresponding to each character) and different Animator Controllers. This is stored in a ScriptableObject and then referenced at runtime to load in / switch out to the appropriate set of animations.

Next week I'm going to be trying to create the flow for unlocking extra bonus stages via the shop, so it'll probably be more of the same stuff (but probably more complicated). The build is actually still in a pretty shoddy state as I haven't updated most of the levels in accordance with all the visual/shader updates I made a while back, but that can wait until later.

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